Various Artists – Special Swiss Compilation



Various Artists
Special Swiss Compilation


We landed in the center of Europe, particularly in the Alpine state par excellence, full of good cluster of topics: fine chocolates, ornate watches, Heidi and Yodle, bankers who lack sense of humor and an orderly and thorough national personality. Yes guys, we’re talking about Switzerland. Perhaps most characteristic of the Swiss art is its traditional architecture and rich folklore. But this compilation of minimalist experimental sounds, confirm the high Swiss profile within the electronic music scene. Andres Marcos, Storlon, MRZ, Hiss and Adriano Mirabile are there to envelop us in green and white landscapes of valleys and mountains of Switzerland through its sounds.


Original tracks by mentioned artists in the text
Mastered by Jacobo Hern√°ndez
Artwork/Cover by Egho Design
Artwork/Video by Silvana Rogazione
Release Date: 14.09.2011

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