Stan Yaroslavsky


Stan Yaroslavsky (AKA Annos Woland together with Eran Ben-Zeev). Yung producer from Tel-Aviv Israel , at the moment in Berlin. Producing dark minimal techno music trying to combine with groove and experience emotions near robotic electronic circuits. in hes Live and DJ sets you can feel the dark and uplifting atmosphere that can make you feel like in other planet. Stan Yaroslavsky (AKA Annos Woland ) publishing hes works on labels like the popular Catenaccio Records , Blue Code Rec. Doma Musiqe , Fach , Frucht and more. in Hes new live preformence Stan Yaroslavsky is creating new sounds together with the Annos Woland sounds still dark still havvy and perffect for the dance floor. here some links to the Stan yaroslavsky tunes and sets that has been published all so on the Russian showcast .


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