Nadia Popoff – Seven Nights EP



Nadia Popoff
Seven Nights EP

Hey folks. We come with good news to present the new release of the Doma Musique´s Net Series.
This time it’s Nadia Popoff. A new promise from Argentina with an incredible work that is composed of deep percussions and live elements with dub sounds. Ladies and gentlemen, let yourself dreadlocks and beard to hear “Seven Nights EP”.
It also includes two remixes of our friend Ingemar Stalholm and another remix by Keinzweiter.



Written and produced by Nadia Popoff
Additional Remixes by Ingemar Stalholm and Keinzweiter
Mastered by Jacobo Hernández
Artwork/Cover by Egho Design
Release Date: 03.11.2011

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