Martin Briano, also Marteaux, is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His life always been dedicated to music learning. In the beginning of 2011 he moved to Sao Paulo, where he started to work for MTV Brasil and he still lives there by now. His maximum influences are from Jan Jelinek, Matthew Dear(more Audion or False), Easy Changes, Ricardo Villalobos, to also hiphop artists like Madlib, Flying Lotus, Vlooper, Ras-G and lots more. Jazz music has also been a constant passion.

He get the chance to play with argentinian artists like Martín Avaro,Louer, Nicolas Romero, Leonel Castillo, QiK and also international artists like Easy Changes, Ben Klock, Oliver Huntemann, Dandy Jack, Minilogue,Jens Zimmermann, Andrey Zots and more. He released on labels like Multi Vitamins, Klangscheiben, Doma Musique, 31337 Records, and Miniatura Rec.

Resident Advisor

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