Julio Portillo


Djing since 2002,julio portillo is caracterized by an unusual like of music,all kinds of music can be mixed,lookig for and waiting the best moment to do it,on 2005 discover minimal music basically with perlon and cadenza labels,who make a different kinds of groovy melodies and constructions.

On 2008 i´m resident in the only electronic music club of the city in 2009,djiing with artist like Monoblock,Ernie,Tiza i bought an audio interface and two midi controlers and i started to “try” producing.
The 15 of february he get one of his dreams,release in an important and recognised label like Multivitamins Records,on his digital version MVD.
On March will be released his first own e.p. on SmallRoom Music,that counts with the colaboration of Franklin de Costa with a hugh remix of one of his tracks.Chili con Soul is the name of that ep charged of vocals and dark grooves.
He collaborate actually with labels like Doma Musique,Terror Clicks,EarlyDub,Frucht Label,Blumenbet Records,Divided Recordings,Filigran Records,FachLabel, Genesa Records,Moleskine Music.

Resident Advisor

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