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Ingemar Stalholm
Eo Ipso Remixes

Doma Musique’s family has decided to launch Eo Ipso in a remix version; 8 remixes of our past “Ingemar Stalholm  EP”, Besides the remixes of Le Jockey, Marc Neyen, Sven Laux and Le Jockey & Kevin Angius, already present in the previous EP, you will find in this new wonderful and disturbing remix versions by Marlene Magnoli, Andres Marcos, Dr Nojoke & Bobo Lo. You can also get the Doma Ipso  T-Shirt designed by Egho Design, to celebrate this new Net release.


Original Tracks by Ingemar Stalholm 
Additional Remixes by Marc Neyen, Marlene Magnoli, Sven Laux,
Dr.Nojoke, Andres Marcos, Le Jockey, Kevin Agius, Bobo Lo 
Mastered by Jacobo Hernández 
Artwork/Cover T-Shirt by Egho Design
Release Date: 14.12.2012

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Eo Ipso T Shirt

Eo Ipso T-Shirt

€20 EUR

You can buy the Eo Ipso T-Shirt designed by Egho Design.

To buy Eo Ipso T-Shirt write to: with:  your name, address, order,size and T-Shirt name.
Or buy it here: domamusique.bandcamp