Haruyuki Yokoyama – Bounce EP



Haruyuki Yokoyama
Bounce EP

We are back in the summer, and in this occasion we offer more good stuff for the Digital Series. This time it’s fun house funk with a sublime minimal taste full of curious cuts subtle & glicht sounds with much love.
A good plate of Japanese food for your brain in this Bounce EP, whose chef is Haruyuki Yokoyama.

About Haruyuki Yokoyama (Producer /Architect) of Kanagawa, Japan; was originally inspired by electronic music from the mid 90´s.His first musical experiences came from starting an electronic band with some talented friends, and in 1998, his solo electronic music productions began. After moving to Los Angeles in 1999, he studied Architecture, but his passion for electronic music continued. In 2003, he returned to his native homeland of Japan to live in Tokyo, where he continues to create his own take on minimal techno.

This Bounce EP includes remixes by new amazing Doma artist: Kaitaro, from Japan, full of energy, minimal sound, Hypnotic groove and fat bass; and also the familiar artist with our successful release “Do You Respect Wood”. We are talking about our Canadian friend Ana+One.

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Written by Haruyuki Yokoyama
Additional Remixes by Kaitaro and Ana+one
Mastered by Jacobo Hernández
Artwork/Cover by Egho Design
Releas Date: 29.07.2012

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