He was born on 29, March 1989 in the city of Córdoba, Argentina and still living here. Along the way he met many lovely people. They were the ones that made him experiment with the music, create experimental sounds with hypnotics rhythms and he´s thankful they did because, he love it! He loved the art of music since a kid. Furz always had that ability with art in the school. In highschool he studied art, paint, theatre and music composition.

That was a push in this direction, by this time his friends started with the creation of electronic music with the pc’s and so Furz got into this. He’ve been producing experimental music since 17, making better his quality sounds and experimenting with new stuff. Furz met a lot of nice people and great artists from around the world lately and he really like talking with them, exchanging thoughts and sharing music.

Resident Advisor

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