Andrés Marcos

Spain / Switzerland

Andrés-Marcos Revellado is a Spanish multi-instrumentalist based in Zurich, who started very early his musical formation. Trained jazz bass and double bass player; plays also guitar, piano and drums. Swimmer against stream; his approach to electronic music is strongly influenced by acoustic and improvised forms of music. He has also worked for theatre companies as composer and performer, and played in every sort of band going from hard rock groups to jazz big bands but also flamenco ensembles. Constantly attempting to break the boundaries between jazz and electronic music, has never liked rules, and was never interested in guidelines and belonging to a single musical style.

He plays hardware/software/instrumental live acts focused on improvisation and live performance and with a strong instrumental approach.

He has released music on Multi Vitamins, Doma Musique, Miniatura, Bleepsequence HorsePlay, and Stereo-Type. He is part of the forward thinking artist collective Unoiki, based in Berlin, and collaborates with Pluie/Noir.

He also runs his own music platform Wondermachine, which is dedicated to interactions between electronic and improvised forms of music.

Resident Advisor

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